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Gio Gonzalez is remarkably consistent at the plate April 3, 2014

Posted by tomflesher in Baseball.
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Man, there’s something about being reminded we have Kyle Farnsworth in the bullpen that just ruins your day.

I follow the Angels. (Given the previous post, maybe I should just move to California and give up on the Mets altogether. Maybe I could be a Padres fan …. ) I was excited to see Bartolo Colon show up in Queens, since he’s been a pretty entertaining pitcher for a while. (I’d like to publicly apologize for suggesting three years ago that Colon was too old to pitch effectively anymore, since he managed to pitch three complete games for Oakland last year. Three. Well, two and a half.) I was a bit less excited to see he’d be batting, since Colon’s last time on base was midway through the Bush administration in Shea Stadium off a plucky 35-year-old youngster named Mike DeJean. That wasn’t the last we heard of DeJean – he pitched a brilliant 1.2 innings in 2006 for Colorado.

But I digress.

Colon batted just about as expected, striking out twice on a total of six pitches. His opposition, however, did not. Gio Gonzalez went 1 for 3 at the plate, knocking in a solo homer in the fifth inning to bring the score to 3-1 Washington. (The final was 5-1, since Gonzalez Germen and charity case Kyle Farnsworth each allowed a run in their respective 2.0 and 1.0 innings of work.)

Gio Gonzalez has hit one homer in each of the previous two seasons, both to left. His last homer was against Miami on April 3 of last year. Now that that’s out of the way, Gio can focus on pitching again, so we won’t have to worry about him taking out pitchers deep again this year.

But geez. Kyle Farnsworth. I’d forgotten all about him until Terry had to go and put him in a game.



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