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Rock Has a Diminishing Marginal Product of Labor February 3, 2009

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From Yahoo’s List of the Day:

8) There were too many people on the stage. After five members in a band most rock ‘n’ roll groups get noticeably worse with each additional member. Van Morrison is the exception to this rule and Bruce has skirted it by employing top notch guys like Miami Steve and Nils Lofgren. However, he had at least six guitar players onstage. All playing the same parts. Add on the horn section and we’re talking chaos.

And, what happens when musicians are crowded out? Bad things. Especially for Clarence Clemons.

2) He sticks poor Clarence on COWBELL. For “Glory Days,” suddenly Clarence is shuttled off his beloved saxophone, a horn section is bought out front and Clarence is given the lowly COWBELL. Now, the Cowbell has always been an in-joke for all rock bands ever since Saturday Night Live and Blue Oyster Cult deemed “more cowbell” a worthy epithet. Do you think anyone in that stadium heard that cowbell? I bet even Clarence couldn’t hear the damn thing.